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US Election 2020: What can fixed income investors expect from a Biden victory
Published: 03 November 2020
This year’s election comes amidst a global pandemic and an economic recession of the magnitude not experienced since the Great Depression. In this new report, we present insight into how the US election impacts economic and financial markets.
ESG in Fixed Income
Published: 24 September 2020
This report explores ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors in fixed income investments. 
The Steepening Yield Curve
Published: 09 September 2020
Discover how the steepening treasury yield curve is affecting investors and the macroeconomic environment.
Libor, The Road Ahead
Published: 25 August 2020
We are pleased to present the Awa Brokers report on LIBOR. The report presents an alternative to LIBOR in various jurisdictions. 
Fixed Income: The Search for Yield
Published: 12 August 2020
Now more than ever, we can feel the effect of COVID all around us. Even though fixed income investors are aware of the potential of eased lockdown restrictions, what should they consider as they search for yield? In this new report, we present key factors investors can consider as they search for opportunities in a low yield environment.
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