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To apply email CV and cover letter to:


As an Analyst, you will be placed in the Fixed Income Research team with opportunities available across a spectrum of sectors. The Program provides an opportunity to master the skills needed to develop an exciting and rewarding career in Fixed Income Research. You will collaborate with and learn from professionals in the industry and receive significant support from managers and mentors.


All new Analysts participate in an orientation which provides an overview of the Firm's businesses, as well as an opportunity to establish a network and aids the transition from learning about theories to corporate practice. Fixed Income Research Analysts will then attend divisional training where they learn core skills required to be successful on the job. The curriculum includes foreign exchange strategy, fixed income securities and debt instruments. In addition, Analysts have several opportunities to network with peers, mentors and managers.


  • Develop investment recommendations on Fixed Income Securities by studying market fundamentals and technical research

  • Contribute to report writing that is clear, insightful and helps the investment process

  • Develop tools and models to help with the generation of trade ideas

  • Maintain constant dialogue with colleagues discussing market colour and the impact of incoming data on our published views


  • Interest in and/or knowledge of the financial markets

  • Knowledge of Excel

  • Candidates are expected to be analytical, quantitative, insightful, adaptive, quick learners, leaders, team players, and multi-taskers

  • Strong work ethic

  • Oral and written communication skills

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